Past Projects

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Past CSC projects have included   

Dual Language of New Mexico is one the country’s pre-eminent dual language organizations. It provides training, educational materials, curricula and advocacy for dual language immersion programs that build high language competency for students K-12.


Strategic Leadership Institute is a statewide learning community and tappable network of New Mexico’s progressive leaders.


AMP Concerts—This project produces the annual Globalquerque! Music Festival, which brings diverse and seldom seen musical performers from across the world for performances in Albuquerque. This project also produces regular year-around world music programs for audiences in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.


New Energy Economy is dedicated to creating opportunities for New Mexico by developing solutions to global warming, primarily through the promotion and use of alternative and renewable energy.


South Valley Restoration—This project created and facilitated public involvement in a Super Fund settlement project to restore water quality to Albuquerque’s South Valley.


Festival de Otoño, an annual celebration of Albuquerque’s South Valley that includes educational, visual arts, oral history, and performing arts by South Valley youth, a traditional burning of the bogeyman, called Kookooee, a community parade and a two-day arts and crafts fair that attract more than 15,000 people. (Co-sponsored with the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation, Inc.)


Festival Flamenco Internacional, the leading flamenco teaching and performance event in North America. CSC provided key organizational development, fundraising, evaluation and management support to the Festival Flamenco Internacional from 1991--1995, when CSC helped the Festival become a stand-alone project. Of special note is CSC’s effective strategy to build the Festival’s earned income base, which is currently an astounding 78% of all Festival-generated income. CSC also helped the Festival’s budget increase tenfold between 1992 and 1995.


Las Promotoras Tradicionales Project has created a collective of community teachers and learners who bring a different view of medicine and economic development to the underserved, uninsured and economically disadvantaged women of Albuquerque. The project is increasing access to preventative health care services, expanding capacity for community health education, and forging a link between health care providers and traditional community healers.


Teatro Nuevo México is a multilingual, multicultural theater that promotes Spanish and English plays, trains New Mexicans in all theater arts, produces original plays based on New Mexico themes and issues and encourages New Mexico youth to engage in theater as an educational and human development process.


The Camino Real Project brought historians from the US and México together to discuss the common history between New Mexico and Chihuahua via the Camino Real; troupes from Mexico  performed historical and contemporary songs and dances as part of the celebration of  Albuquerque’s Tricentennial.


United Mexican-American Students Retrospective—This project researched the history of the Chicano student movement at the University of New Mexico from 1968-1970 and presented a community forum to hear speakers and films documenting the student group and its activities.

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