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CSC Projects and Sponsored Projects   

The International District Youth Team (ages 15-18) will transform neighborhood spaces in the most diverse legislative district in the state of New Mexico through a series of "tactical urbanism" projects that beautify the neighborhood. Learn more at


Humans of New Mexico highlights individuals in the state and shows the diversity of the population. It is a community-wide effort to capture the complex issues that affect our communities and offer a platform  to voice everyday practices of resistance to societal pressures.


The Cooperative Development Center of New Mexico creates and supports sustainable lifestyles for Indigenous and Nuevo Mexicano peoples through organic agriculture, cultural tourism and small business cooperatives. The cooperative model assumes that integrating organic agriculture, cultural tourism and small business cooperatives into a comprehensive plan is a strong approach in promoting and conserving the unique heritage and culture of families and communities. This model will provide an economic base for long-term sustainability by meeting the needs of the present without comprimising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


Sembrando Salud! is a CSC project that helps working people start and maintain neighborhood gardens to grow healthy vegetables for their own consumption. The gardens are also used as a community engagment tool to teach about nutrition and issues impacting neighborhoods.


Story Riders combines culturally-based education and writing tied to specific bicycle rides throughout the mid- Rio Grande Region. The project provides educational and cultural experiences that give Mexicano/Chicano elementary students a deep dive into their culture while building their physical skills.


Family Friendly New Mexico is building on the work of the Family Friendly Workplace Task Force to support New Mexico businesses to be family friendly and to support research and analysis of family friendly policies at the local and state levels. (Sponsored by CSC)


 The Recuerda a César Chávez Committee (RCCC), based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has organized the annual César Chávez Day march, celebration and day of service. They have also been engaged in community organizing and civic engagement activities that have led to the naming of the César Chávez Community Center and renaming of Stadium Boulevard to Avenida César Chávez. The mission of the Recuerda a César Chávez Committee is to educate youth and communities about the legacy, life and work of the great American civil rights leader, César Chávez. We do this by promoting his universal values and timeless vision for a better world and engaging communities in the spirit of service.  (Sponsored by CSC)


ArtSpark is a collaborative social experiment with artists and arts organizations using social media and the internet to be sustainable. (Sponsored byCSC)


Generation Justice is an intergenerational media making project that is committed to social change. Generation Justice operates from the social justice principles of equity, inter-generational connectedness, and civic engagement through media making. (Sponsored byCSC)


El Puente/The Bridge utilizes collaborative art to create and strengthen community relationships and transform public places  in Albuquerque's Barelas and South Valley neighborhoods, along the Rio Grande. (Sponsored by CSC)


Stories of Route 66: The International District is an arts engagement with over 130 community members (ages 5-75, from 7 countries speaking 8 languages) who co-envisioned and co-created works of art, film, and performance. (Sponsored by CSC)


EKCO engages a group of women poets in an unusual process--embracing works of art, ekphrasis, collaboration, and spoken word performance. (Sponsored by CSC)


TIASO is a professional services cooperative serving full and part-time artists and small organizations who are committed to working in and on behalf of community. (Sponsored by CSC)


 Bold Visions Conservation mission is to protect, preserve and restore the wild lands, waters and wildlife through advocacy, education and spirited community involvement. (Sponsored by CSC)


Laguna Acoma Coalition for a Safe Environment (LACSE) is a grassroots group of residents of Laguna and Acoma pueblos dedicated to assessing community and environmental health from impacts of past uranium development and protecting sacred cultural sites and areas, including Mt. Taylor, a mountain sacred to Indigenous peoples of New Mexico. (Sponsored by CSC)


Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA) is a joint project with the City of Albuquerque to develop and implement a formal process for immigrants and refugees living in Albuquerque to express their needs, challenges and key priority areas. (Sponsored by CSC)


“Hembras de Pluma”--“feathered women,” or “women wielding the pen”--is a collective of Indigenous and Women of Color who share their stories as celebration, healing, and creating power in storytelling. Speaking their truth and sharing their stories on the stage are a form of empowerment, engagement with their communities and a way of supporting each other. (Sponsored by CSC)


New Mexico Thrives is New Mexico’s Nonprofit Association. It facilitates culturally-appropriate, intentional cross-sector collaboration that creates sustainable change.  As systems-thinkers and bridge-builders, we advocate for the New Mexico nonprofit sector as a whole, while recognizing the unique contributions of individual organizations. (Sponsored by CSC)


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